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FAQs Wi-Fi

Why do I have a limited data allowance?

Since everybody on the bus with you would also like to use the Wi-Fi, we have to offer the same conditions to everyone. The Entertainment Portal, however, allows you to enjoy all content without using up your data.

Why is my data allowance used up so quickly?

Disable automatic updates from app stores and other hidden updates such as cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) as they consume data very quickly and often automatically when you are connected to WiFi. Additionally, avoid online video streaming.

Why are some online services blocked?

Since video streaming platforms consume a lot of your data allowance, we limited the access. This means your data allowance combined with FlixBus Wi-Fi doesn’t get used up so quickly. Enjoy the content within our Entertainment Portal instead. As this is stored locally it does not affect your data allowance!

Are my sent emails secure?

Since the Wi-Fi service on board is public please try to avoid sending confidential information while you are connected to it. We cannot completely rule out any misuse of the service.

I don’t have any data allowance left, can I use the portal anyway?

Yes, all content within the Entertainment System is local and doesn't affect your data usage, you can still use the portal. You can also still browse the internet at a reduced speed.

FAQs Entertainment Portal

How can I get back to the Entertainment Portal once I've left it?

To return to the Entertainment Portal, simply type in your browser’s address bar.

Can I download a movie and watch it later?

No, you can only watch films and other types of content while you are on board and connected to the FlixBus Wi-Fi.

How often is the content updated?

Usually, we update the content on a quarterly basis, some categories even more often.

Why can't the content be played?

The players we use are compatible with most of the current operating systems and browser versions. If you discover any issues with your device, a bug report is included in our customer survey, you'll find this on the portal homepage. Please use this to report your problem and tell us accurately how the problem occurred.

How can I change the language of the content?

For the watch and listen categories you can change the language of the content within the player. Since you can see all titles available in the read category, just select one in your preferred language.

What is the MY JOURNEY section?

In the MY JOURNEY section you can find general information about your bus ride. At the moment, you are able to see your current position on the map. We are constantly upgrading this section with new, cool features, stay tuned for the next version!